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COVID Crisis in India

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The COVID-19 numbers in India are beyond comprehension. The heath care system is collapsing, and the dead accumulate – remains of people are lined up in the streets awaiting cremation. The most vulnerable face lethal choices. When the main breadwinner dies or loses work, families of migrant workers and day labourers face hunger, malnutrition and even starvation. There is no safety net.  

This is not God’s heart. The impact of the conflict is devastating, but we will not look away.

Tearfund is working alongside churches in India to help 12,000 families survive until December, praying that by the end of the year, the pandemic will ease. What’s crucial right now is for families to have money to buy food. 

Your church can make an immediate different in peoples’ suffering and survival. 

Please join us.

Church Resources

  1. PowerPoint Presentation (download)
  2. Presentation Notes 
  3. Short Video (perfect for Sunday morning)
  4. Long Video (full interview with Ramesh, our church partner)
  5. Social Media Resources 
  6. Donation Page

Partner with us to save lives.

We initially committed to $200,000 of this $1.2 million project – but thanks to the incredible generosity of donors we achieved our goal in only 4 days! Praise be to God!

After discussing with our church partner, EFICOR, we are taking a step of faith and have doubled our commitment to $400,000 to help more families in desperate need

Join us in this step of faith! 

Your congregation can make an immediate difference in peoples’ suffering and survival.

With your donations, you’ll help the people most affected by COVID and whose prospects are the bleakest during this pandemic.

  • families who lost breadwinners,
  • widows
  • orphans
  • frail elderly
  • female-headed families
  • day labourers
  • migrant workers trapped without work in the cities

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