Wayne Johnson is President of Tearfund Canada. He is passionate about breaking the bonds of poverty through national leadership. His messages include stories from travels among the poor in over 50 countries across the Global South

Don Miller is Tearfund’s Church Relations Director. A former Free Methodist Pastor who was born in Swaziland to missionary parents, Don has a deep understanding of issues of Africa and Asia’s poor.

Mary Ann Buffam is Tearfund Canada’s development director. She has committed her life to working in the non-profit community in Canada and Africa empowering national leaders in combatting poverty and increasing the economic empowerment of women.

Musu Taylor-Lewis is Tearfund’s communications director . She grew up internationally in Canada, Europe and Sierra-Leone and teaches on integral mission and community economic development with sensitivity to multi-denominational and multi-cultural contexts.

Heather Card is Tearfund Canada’s Board Chair. She loves to share the impact of Canadians coming alongside the poor in the name of Jesus. Heather is currently completing a Doctorate in Divinity and brings scripture passages alive with fresh perspective.

Joanne Bell is a long-term Board member of Tearfund Canada. She seeks to see transformation in the lives of the poor. Joanne is a business woman who has held leadership and stewardship roles with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Free Methodist Church in Canada.


If your church would like to hear more about how lives are being changed and communities are being transformed, a Tearfund speaker can visit your church. All our speakers can present from five minutes to 50 minutes and share what God is doing worldwide through his global church.

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