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We are Christians passionate about ending poverty, following Jesus where the need is greatest.

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The poor are precious to God

Poverty is a result of the world’s brokenness and ruptured relationships with God, between people, and with creation. We fight suffering and despair because we believe every person bears God’s image and is loved by Him.

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We follow Jesus

By His example and His words, Jesus calls His people to serve those most deeply hurt by the brokenness of the world. We follow Jesus to where the need is greatest so we can serve in the centre of God’s calling.

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God uses the Church to transform lives

God declares that He will someday restore creation and reconcile people to Him through Christ. We empower the Church today to declare the presence of God, through transformed lives, restored families, reconciled communities, and renewed futures.

Video Series: Helping Without Hurting

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Part 1

Reconsidering the Meaning Of Poverty

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Part 2

Seeing God at Work

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Part 3

Understanding Why Good Intentions Are Not Enough


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Part 4

Joining God’s Work

Church Resources 7

Part 5

Fostering Change

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Part 6

Moving Forward


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Monthly donations are the backbone of our support and enable us to develop long-term initiatives that help people lift themselves out of poverty.