Have your church partner with a project!

Church partnership with a project is a great, tangible way to engage your congregants in thinking and acting on the topic of biblical poverty.

The bible calls us to walk alongside the downtrodden and oppressed. To help provide to those living in poverty because they have infinite value.

Long-term partnerships (3+ years) provide many benefits to both your church and to those overseas.


Reliable Revenue

Reliable revenue enables partners to plan development activities more effectively.


Partnership provides your church members with a sense of ownership and deeper commitment


Your congregation will be encouraged by seeing the results of their participation over progress time

Biblical Mandate

Long-term partnership fosters deeper thinking about congregation’s role in following Christ and the poor

How it works

Meet Don

“Hi, I’m Don – the director of church partnerships at Tearfund. I am more than happy to work with you to find the right projects for your church.”

View our Projects Below


Tearfund is working with local partners to develop and run Village Savings and Loan groups to help break the cycle of poverty in rural Kenya. Read More.


Depleted soils in forest villages have resulted in chronic food shortages. Tearfund Canada has been working with locals to share new farming techniques and address issues such as soil fertility and climate change to help families grow more food. Read More.


Although making huge strides in recent years, poverty in Ethiopia is still widespread. Tearfund works with local partners to teach farmers new agricultural methods to help farmers grow more food and run self help groups to help people save and leverage the money they have. Read More.


The Dodoma region of central Tanzania is characterized by food insecurity and poverty with the majority of households surviving on less than a dollar a day. With new conservation agriculture techniques, farmers have seen their crop yields improve by 7X. Read More.


With approximately 1.2 billion people India is the world’s second largest country. Much of India’s population relies on farming as a way of life. Tearfund works with Indian farmers and villages to help them grow more food and save. We also help pregnant women and children provide nutritional support and health education to reduce malnutrition. Read More.

Sierra Leone

The 2014 Ebola outbreak killed 4,000 and overwhelmed the country’s weak healthcare system. Child malnutrition is widespread. Tearfund has working in the Pujehun district to supply farmers with seeds and tools and teaching improved farming practices. Read More

Democratic Republic of Congo

Years of deadly conflicts and crop diseases have made it difficult for families to live and eat. With local partners, Tearfund is helping farmers grow more food through the introduction of pest control and new crops. Read More.

South Sudan

An intense and brutal civil war has left many in need. With international and local partners, Tearfund is currently supporting water, health and sanitation projects in many camps and providing emergency food to those in need. Read More.

Lebanon - Syrian Refugees

The Syrian conflict continues to devastate the region with no end in sight to the conflict. Tearfund is helping to care and provide improved access to medical care for Syrian refugees and poor Lebanese families. Read More.

Bangladesh - Rohingya Refugees

Over 1 million people have been forced to flee their homes in Myanmar to seek refuge in neighboring Bangladesh and elsewhere. The plight of these refugees is dire. Working with international partners, Tearfund has responded by distributing food and care packages, and building sanitation facilities. Read More.

Indonesia - Earthquake

Philippines - Typhoon Mangkhut