Congregations across Africa and Asia have a passion for evangelism. But they are surrounded by intense human need, and God is moving them to respond. Often going hungry themselves, the pastors of these churches do all that they can.

Through church-based community transformation training, you will helping to teach pastors how to lift their communities out of poverty using the assets and skills they already have. It will provide pastors in three countries – Ethiopia, Tanzania and Liberia – with tailor-made seminars, workshops and mentoring on: 

  • Bible teaching about hunger, poverty, stewardship and ministering to people in need
  • New farming techniques to help their communities grow more food
  • How to start and operate savings groups that lift people out of poverty
  • How to share the love of Christ by helping people with their physical, economic, and spiritual needs

By doing so, you will not only address the symptoms of poverty, but create lasting change. By training these pastors, every year:

  • Over 1,200 farmers will learn new agricultural techniques that will help them consistently grow more food, allowing them to feed their families and pay for necessities.
  • Over 40 village savings groups will be formed to help people save money for their children’s education, a new roof, or health care.
  • People will start new businesses that lift themselves out of poverty and create strong communities.
  • Many individuals will hear and know that Christ cares deeply about them. 

Please Give. 

The local church has assets other organizations cannot match.

Reach: local churches are found everywhere – from big cities to the most desolate regions.

Access: the church is deeply embedded in the community, with wide networks and access to resources.

Cultural understanding: the church understands local customs, needs and attitudes.

Trust & Influence: the church and pastors are trusted leaders in the community, who can influence mindsets and create lasting change.

Sustainability: the church remains long after outside non-government organizations leave.