Carolina's Story 1

“When my children’s bones began to show… we relised that it was time to abandon our home.” Carolina said.

Once living a good life in Venezuela, with comfortable beds and a house of their own, Carolina’s family now couldn’t even afford to eat. She, and her husband, and two children left everything they knew in search of food and a better life in Colombia. But once they arrived, all they could afford to live in was a small empty room. The family is forced to sleep together on a single mattress on a cold, concrete floor.

After weeks of searching, her husband was lucky to find a small job. It was difficult because Venezuelan migrants face insults, abuse, and rejection. But although a blessing, the pay wasn’t enough to make ends meet. It was then when they received a lifeline.

The local church, supported by generous donors, came alongside this struggling family. “We couldn’t believe it, our only concern now is to work enough to pay the rent. But our children eat well now because we’re supported by the local church.” Carolina expressed.

Then, her son got sick.

Without access to healthcare, Carolina was in disarray. “One month ago, my son had a very high fever and a toothache. It was agonizing. I had to treat him myself because the hospital didn’t even let us in.” Carolina says. “But then, God provided yet another miracle.”

One of the local clinics, supported by Tearfund, gave Carolina’s son the medical attention he desperately needed. Funded by donors, the clinic is specifically setup to identify and treat the most vulnerable. “Now I can rest, knowing where to go when my babies are not feeling well.” Carolina expressed through her tears.

Dr. Diana Castañeda, sees these clinics as essential. “It’s heart breaking to see kids who are so weak they can’t even get onto the stretcher. They’re malnourished, their defenses go down, and then they get sick. So these clinics are critical, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Carolina's Story 2

Between the sighs and with a broken smile, Carolina thinks about her future. Although she doesn’t have what she wants, she is living with what she needs. Walking this life with hope, trusting that God can restore her country and give an opportunity to return one day.

Your gift today will help provide Venezuelan refugees with food vouchers, cooked meals, hygiene kits, and emotional and spiritual support. Families like Carolina’s are resilient and determined to give their children a better future and a hope. But they need generous people like you to help. 

Carolina's Story 3