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Emergency Relief

Crisis In Lebanon


A huge explosion has devastated the capital city of Lebanon. More than 100 people have been killed, over 5,000 wounded, and 300,000 made homeless.


This explosion could not have happened at a worse time.

Lebanon had already been facing the pressures of a collapsing economy and COVID-19. Food prices have been rising approximately 160% since October 2019. Nearly 85% of the country’s grain stocks were held in the damaged silos of Beirut’s port.

Tearfund’s local partners are working to help the most vulnerable.

Since 2017, Tearfund has been working in Lebanon, responding to the refugee crisis caused by the conflict in neighbouring Syria. Around 1.5 million refugees call Lebanon their home – 25 per cent of the whole population – many living in makeshift accommodation in Beirut’s slums.

Your donation today will help provide emergency food for families devastated by the explosion.


Multiply Your Donation Today!

From August 4 until August 24, every dollar you donate  will be matched by Tearfund Canada’s funding partners.

Your donations to Tearfund Canada’s efforts in Lebanon will be matched by the Government of Canada as a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Humanitarian Coalition.

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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