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“Catastrophic” hunger in South Sudan

Amaze Day 2022

On June 23, your donation will have 5X the impact


South Sudan is bracing for its worst hunger crisis ever. You can help save lives today.

Although South Sudan has been a place of insecurity, recent events such as conflict, flooding, COVID-19, and inflation have pushed hunger to unprecedented levels. An estimated 70 percent of the population face severe food shortages; many of them in the “catastrophic” category. 

But you can make a difference. On June 23, Amaze Day, your donation will be leveraged 4:1 and will help provide emergency food to 2,000 families in South Sudan.


We have never seen anything like this.

31 counties in South Sudan are now experiencing extreme or severe food shortages. 

Due to national violence, three years of flooding, localized dry spells, and inflation, millions of South Sudanese families now are heading towards starvation. 

They are doing anything they can to survive. Selling all that they have, migrating to new areas, and scavenging for wild fruits, nuts and roots. People across the country have exhausted all their options to make ends meet and now are left with nothing. 

But it is not enough. Without help, the health and chances of survival among the most vulnerable – children, pregnant mothers, and the elderly – will continue to deteriorate. 

But, Together, We Can Make a Difference.

On Amaze Day, June 23rd, your donation will be leveraged 4:1 to help 2,000 families receive food.

By donating on June 23, your donation will be leveraged 4:1 and help feed 2,000 families. 

Approximately 12,000 people will be provided with emergency food rations from May to August to help them survive through South Sudan’s “lean season.” Your donation will help provide three rounds of food assistance which contain Sorghum, beans, cooking oil and salt – targeting families at most risk including pregnant and young mothers, widows, orphans, people with disabilities, and the elderly. 

The church will be on the front lines as church leaders assist in not only food distribution but mental support, counselling, and pastoral care to those suffering from the situation.

Your donation made on Amaze Day, June 23, will be leveraged 4 to 1.

Thanks to our incredible partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, your donation will be stretched further. That means for every dollar you donate on Amaze Day, 5 dollars will go to help families in need!

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It costs approximately $500 to feed a family of 5 for three whole months. But now, because of our partners, your donation is stretched further!

  • $85 helps feed one FIVE people! 
  • $170 helps feed two TEN people!
  • $500 helps feed one FIVE families!
  • $2000 helps feed four TWENTY families!

People in South Sudan need your help. On June 23, please donate.

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