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Tigray Crisis

Amaze Day 2021

On June 22, your donation will have 4X the impact!


As conflict erupts in Ethiopia, thousands of families have left everything behind to flee for their lives. Now in crowded in bombed out buildings, lack of food and essential supplies is causing extreme suffering and threatening lives.

But you can make a difference. On Amaze Day, Tuesday June 22nd, your donation will be leveraged 4x and help provide 9,000 families with emergency food.


The conflict has been horribly vicious and destructive, with terrible consequences for families, rife with the kinds of actions that make us throw ourselves on God’s mercy to understand how this can be.

People have fled their homes, lost all their possessions, have no medicines, health care, or even safe water. They face a long recovery from brutal violence including widespread rape. 

And they have no food. 

The feeling of helplessness is felt by all.

But together, we can make a difference.

Along with our Ethiopian church partner, you can help reach out to the 9,000 families on their doorstep. 

You Can Provide Emergency Food... and Hope.

A group of people in Tigray, Ethiopia, with two small children sitting in the center. Your Amaze Day donation will go to help children like these.
On Amaze Day, June 22nd, your donation will be leveraged 4X to help 9,000 families receive food and supplies to make it through the summer.

The local Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church is on the front-lines, ready to provide emergency supplies. 

They have been a Tearfund partner for decades, and are trusted and credible. Connected to local and regional authorities, they are already coordinating with other groups and the UN.

But they need your help.

Your donation will help provide families with emergency food: flour, beans, oil, and Famix (a vitamin enriched cereal) to help 9,000 families survive through the summer. It will also go to providing COVID protection within the tightly crowded camp.

Most importantly, through the Ethiopian church, you’ll help provide people with hope for tomorrow. Wherever there is pain, suffering, and poverty, God is already there to pour out his love, comfort, and restoration.

On June 22nd, your donation makes 4X the impact.

Thanks to the generosity of specific church partners and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, every dollar you donate on Amaze Day is leveraged 4X. That means that for every dollar you donate, FOUR will go help families in need. 

An Amaze Day graphic describing the 4x impact that your donation has for families in Tigray, Ethiopia


It costs approximately $460 to feed a family of 5 for two whole months. But now, because of our partners, your donation is stretched further!

  • A gift of $460 feeds FOUR families of 5 for two months
  • A gift of $230 feeds TWO families of 5 for two months
  • A gift of $115 feeds One family of 5 for two months

You can make a difference. On June 22, please donate.

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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