Abundance Overflowing 1

Abundance Overflowing

56-year-old Kaswera Nusayi never would have imagined this kind of abundance. Not only does she have enough food and money for her and her family, she is even now able to support her relatives and neighbours!

But it wasn’t always this way. 

After losing her husband to sickness, she was under pressure to support her family. Living in North Kivu, DR Congo, she faced the intense challenge of growing nutritious crops on poor soil. 

Struggling for survival, she went to the local church, where she was introduced to new agricultural techniques and a village savings and loan (VSL) group. It changed her life. She learned how to efficiently grow vegetables on limited land – which resulted in abundance like never before.  

Abundance Overflowing 2

Kaswera was able to feed her family and started selling the surplus. With the new-found income, she began saving funds to pay for school fees, to support her relatives, and extend money to her neighbours in need. With the VSL group, she was even able to take out a loan to repair her house, using the money from her surplus harvest to repay her debts. 

Now an active member, Kaswera is thankful to her church and to God. She loves being a part of a church that cares for her and treats her like family. 

Our God wants to bless us abundantly. It might not always be physical or be in ways we expect, but He loves His children. Kaswera has experienced real transformation! She is thankful for the church programs that have empowered her to use her resources to lift herself out of hardships. 

“God is like an eternal, unfailing fountain. The more it pours forth and overflows, the more it continues to give. God desires nothing more seriously from us than that we ask Him for much and great things.” – Martin Luther