About Tearfund

Tearfund is a Christian charity called to follow Jesus wherever the need is greatest. We work God’s church in the very poorest places on Earth to help it unlock people’s God-given potential to create flourishing and resilient communities.

Our Vision

To see people freed from poverty, living transformed lives, and reaching their God-given potential.

Our Mission

To respond to the relief and development needs of the world’s poor in the name of Jesus Christ, by partnering with the local church.

How We Work

 Our model has been developed over many years and is a proven process, leading to the most successful and lasting change on all levels. It’s sustainable, it offers extraordinary value for money, and we see communities permanently lifting themselves out of poverty.

Freeing people from hunger

God does not desire people to suffer from starvation. By equipping churches to teach people new farming techniques (called conservation agriculture) we help people grow enough food to feed themselves and their families.

Empowering people economically

The poor are often vulnerable to exploitation. Through the development of village saving groups and loans, we work with churches to help people save their hard earnings to help lift themselves out of poverty.

Helping people in crisis

The poor are often the most affected in times of crisis. Whether it is natural or man-made, we work with local churches to help those who are in dire situations – regardless of their social status, religion or political beliefs.

Poor rains meant that many conventional crops dried up, but my Conservation Agriculture plot stood out with thick, healthy corn. Now I have the best farm yield in the whole community. I have two daughters in university, and I can pay all of their fees from the surplus crops that I sell. I never worry about the amount of food we have." - Felekech Teka
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Our Team

Wayne Johnson

Executive Director and CEO wjohnson@tearfund.ca

Roshani Morton

Strategic Partnerships Director rmorton@tearfund.ca

Don Miller

Church Relations Director dmiller@tearfund.ca

Jane Ekuban

Donor Services Coordinator jekuban@tearfund.ca

Andrea Sherk

Executive Assistant and Development Coordinator asherk@tearfund.ca

Nelson Oh

Finance Director noh@tearfund.ca

Bruce Syvret

International Program Director bsyvret@tearfund.ca

Marine Sukhudyan

Program Manager msukhudyan@tearfund.ca

Norm Holbrook

Program Manager nholbrook@tearfund.ca

Matthew Schroeder

Marketing & Communications Manager mschroeder@tearfund.ca


Board of Directors

Kevin Schular

Board Chair

Helen Reimer


Dale Barkman

Secretary Treasurer

Heather Card


Reinnie Brandt


Joanne Beach



Church Partners

Canadian Partners

International Partners

Where Your Money Goes

Recognizing our financial support as being from God, we are committed to be accountable for the wise use of the resources entrusted to us. This is to be achieved through professional, focused and strategically selected programming, results-based management, and cost-effectiveness.

As a registered charity, our accounts are independently audited and submitted to Nethercott and Company annually.

Our charitable registration number is 10822 2191 RR0001.

Tearfund Canada (previously World Relief) subscribes to the Seal of Financial Accountability as a certified member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) and is subject to their requirements and recommendations pursuant to their annual review. Spending of funds is confined to Board approved programs and projects. Each contribution directed toward an approved program will be used as restricted with the understanding that when the need for such a program has been met or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the Board, the remianing restricted contributions will be used where needed most.
CRA charitable registration # 10822 2191 RR0001