A New Home 1

A New Home

Samuda and her family enjoyed a full life in her village. Her and her husband Ahmad were blessed with a large property and healthy livestock, and an abundant income. Her life in Myanmar was happy and comfortable, and she enjoyed her village and her family close by. All was well until the life she had built was quickly taken from her and her family, leaving them in danger.

Violence became the new normal in her community. Her once quiet and safe village was subject to attacks and theft of crops and livestock. Starvation began to creep in. Every day, the safety of her and her family became more uncertain as gunfire and bombs increased, and attackers began burning homes nearby.

Even in the increasing danger, her family remained in their homeland. It was only until her daughter had been tortured and husband killed in their Mosque that she realized she had to leave her country. Desperate for safety, she fled at night with her family, bringing with them only a small amount of money and food. After a treacherous 7 day journey through the forest by foot, her and her family arrived to the bank of the Naf River, where they crossed by boat to Bangladesh.

Following the pain and devastation, Samuda is thankful to have received shelter and food distributions for her and her family upon their arrival in Bangladesh. With memories of home still fresh in her mind, she seeks to rebuild the life of her and her family in safety.

Unfortunately, this story is too common. Please continue to pray for those like Samuda and her family who are suffering in the midst of brokenness and violence.