A Mother’s Strength

Annie Sulunteh’s challenges of raising children alone in post civil war Liberia could have overwhelmed her. Before the Tearfund supported food security project reached her community of Yowee in Zota County, Liberia, Annie never had enough food for her basic needs – and she had dreams of a better future for her eight children – five girls and 3 boys.

Four years ago, Tearfund Canada and the Association of Evangelicals in Liberia (AEL), offered community members training and start-up support for swamp rice farming. A method that could produce more food in Liberia’s rainforest climate, than traditional broadcast methods. Annie not only joined the group but volunteered to chair it – quite unusual for a woman in a rural Liberian community.

Annie discusses the success of her farming group with Tearfund’s Program Officer, Michelle Dupuis.

Under Annie’s leadership, the group of farmers became one of the most successful groups in Zota county. Vegetables have become a source of income for families, allowing them to undertake meaningful ventures like roofing of homes, paying school fees and taking care of other financial needs of the family.

With the help of neighbours, Annie developed six plots of swamp rice AND developed vegetable plots to improve her children’s nutrition and to sell produce for income. Today, six of Annie’s children are attending school and production of swamp rice and vegetables has increased.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to own a rice farm. Now I can feed my family and provide the assistance to family members hosting my children, while they get schooling that is not available in Yowee.” – Annie Sulunteh

Farmers report that their neighbours are also producing more vegetables now that they’ve seen the benefits! The whole community has been transformed.

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