A Heart for Justice 1

A Heart for Justice

For women like Mamitu, Self-Help Groups (SHG) have been a source of incredible transformation both within her life, and within her heart for her village.

As a poor woman within a culture that limits women to roles within the home and prevents them from owning land, Mamitu gained the unthinkable through her SHG. Her membership not only empowered her economically, but also provided her with a newfound respect and dignity within her community. 

She says that SHGs have restored humanity to the poorest people in the community. Access to finance has given her the agency and freedom to make choices to improve her livelihood, and has lifted her out of the cycle of poverty. Mamitu no longer feels the injustice of gender inequality. While justice lacked, it now extends into the whole community.

A Heart for Justice 2

While women used to lack a source of income, SHGs have allowed women like Mamitu to save their small earnings to borrow and invest, enabling them to find dignity and financial freedom despite their lack of assets. Her membership has allowed her to send her daughter abroad to access better education.

As an overseer and leader of her community’s Self Help Groups, she actively works to support others in her community. Knowing the hardship of poverty herself, she desires to support vulnerable children by sponsoring them to gain access to the Abenezer school, and to see other community members be changed by SHG’s.

Mamitu is one glimpse of whole-life transformation. Her membership to her SHG allowed justice to permeate into her life, and her village. She has inspired and enabled her to change the lives of others as she brings God’s heart for justice into her community.